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  • Roadside Assistance Flat Tire

    • Flat Tire Repair
    • Spare Tire Change
    • New Tire

A flat tire is when any one of your tires starts to lose air causing it to become flat. It can be caused due to many things; nails, objects on the road, duration of use, etc.

When and if you get a flat tire(s) we’re here to help. We will send a service professional to your location and try our best to repair your flat tire. If your tire is in a bad condition it can be dangerous for you to drive, so we will replace the tire with the spare in your vehicle. We guarantee professional and timely service anytime we come out for a roadside assistance job.

Please see other roadside assistance services below:

We provide Roadside Assistance in MANHATTAN | BROOKLYN | QUEENS | BRONX | STATEN ISLAND | New York City … All of New York City!

Here at First Class – we provide a wide range of Roadside Services.

There is no Roadside service job too big or too small for us. All we know is one thing; to get the job done.

We are always here to provide you best roadside service so please get yourself to a safe place before utilizing your phone.

When you realize something is wrong – turn on your hazard lights and pull off the road. Ideally, you want to park on a hard, level surface that is visible to other drivers.

Once you’ve come to a stop, make sure that you can safely open your door.

24/7 First Class Roadside Assistance services include but are not limited to:

  • Flat Tire

    • Repair
    • New Tire

When and if you get a flat tires we’re here to help. We will send a service professional to your location and try our best to repair your flat tire. If your tire is in a bad condition it can be dangerous for you to drive, so we will replace the tire with the spare in your vehicle.

  • Battery Service

    • Battery Boost
    • Replacement of Battery

We will send a service professional to your location and attempt to start your vehicle by jump-starting the battery. We have the best in class booster packs which are strong enough to jump start trailers! However, please be advised everyone’s car is different and should be treated differently. For example, electric cars should reference the owner’s manual. Hybrid vehicles should not generally require jump-starts as they use the battery which powers the electric motor to turn over the gasoline engine.

  • Fuel Delivery – Gas & Diesel

Fuel delivery service is provided to customers who run out of gas or diesel while driving. A service professional will arrive at your location with 3-5gallons of fuel, which is enough to get you to the nearest gas station.

  • Lock Out Services

A service professional will carefully wedge your door in order to unlock your car. We take pride in our work and promise to preform lock out services without damaging the car.

  • Winching

Extrication or winching service is the process of moving a vehicle if it is constrained or stuck. We will send out our service professionals to your location to help you get out of the situation.

  • Etc.

We specialize in getting our customers out of an unfortunate situation. We go above and beyond to ensure you go about your day as quickly and smoothly as possible. No one plans to be in a situation where you need Roadside Assistance, however these things happen. Fortunately you live in New York City, where there is a solution for everything! First Class Roadside Assistance is your solution!

If you have a FLAT TIRE, no need to worry. First we will try our best to fix your tire if possible. If we can’t fix the tire we will replace it for you. No need to make a flat tire an all day thing anymore.

Left your lights or radio on? BATTERY died overnight or simply not starting? Not a problem, our team is equipped with the best in class battery boosters and cables. In addition, if we cannot jump start your battery we will replace it for you!

If you are anywhere in NYC (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island) and are in need of GAS or DIESEL give us a call! Our team will deliver what you need ASAP!

Our team is equipped with the best LOCK OUT kits. If you are ever in the scenario where you are locked out of your vehicle in any part of NYC (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island) please give us a call and we will unlock your car for you in no time.

The bottom line is we won’t leave you stranded in your situation, we will find a way to assist you!

Give us a call so we can provide you the first class service you deserve!


Roadside Service

Roadside Service


Roadside Service

Roadside Service


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