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One day, you’ll get a flat tire. And I guarantee you, there is never a good time for a flat tire. Here’s how to install a spare tire.

A few key notes/tips:

  • Please check to see if your car has locking wheel bolts. You will need a key to unlock the wheel bolts, check your glove compartment to see if there is a key there.
  • Try not to drive for a long distance with a punctured or flat tire
  • Never raise a vehicle with people inside.
  • Check the pressure of your spare tire every so often to make sure it is useable in such scenarios

Tools needed:

Spare Tire
Lug Wrench

1.Turn on your hazard lights & Pull over:

Once you have determined you have a flat or puncture, you want to turn on your hazard lights and pull over in a safe spot away from traffic.

2.Open your hood to make your car more visible:

You want traffic to see you to prevent any further damage. Leaving your hood open will show drivers that you are in a distressed scenario which requires you to be pulled over

3.Get your spare tire and other tools:

Locate your spare tire, which is most likely in your trunk. You will also need to lift your vehicle so you will need a jack.

4.Unlock your tire and loosen the bolts:

If you have wheel locks proceed to remove them and loosen the bolts.

5.Lift your car with the jack off the ground to allow you to remove your flat tire:

You want to safely lift your car, depending on what kind of jack you have you will need to adjust. It is helpful to remove heavy items from your car before lifting it. Also, DO NOT place the JACK on SOFT GROUNDS such as dirt or soil. You want to lift your car a on a HARD surface and lift it just enough for there to be a little space under the tire.

6.Fully unscrew the lugs and remove the flat tire:

Once the wheel is removed, it is a useful tip to place the tire under the vehicle so that in the case of a jack failure your car will not fall on its body. It is rare for a jack to fail however, it can happen.

7. Install your spare tire and screw on the bolts:

Screw in all of your bolts/Lugs – you want them to be hand tight at this point.

8. Remove tire from under the car and lower your vehicle a bit:

Once you have lowered the tire to touch the ground (not all the way) tighten the bolts.

9. Now Lower your vehicle completely:

With the car lowered completely, tighten the lugs/bolts as hard as you can with your wrench.