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Roadside Service NYC

NYC’s #1 Roadside Assistance Service

First Class Roadside Assistance Corp

First Class Roadside Assistance from the minute you give us a call!




First Class Roadside Assistance

First Class Roadside Assistance


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♦♦Reliable Service

♦♦♦First Class Service

When it comes to Roadside Assistance Service in NYC, we have you covered!

Born and raised in New York City, we understand the value of a New York Minute.

We guarantee a fast response followed by timely and superior service.

Give us a call and give us the chance the show you First Class Service!


We started a roadside assistance service company because we were tired of ruining an entire day’s agenda due to something that was not planned for. Whether it was a flat tire or being locked out of our car … we always found it took way to long to resolve the issue. We couldn’t understand why we could not get fast service while living in New York City. Living in NYC there is a solution to everything! I mean everything.. and the reason for this is to create more time for yourself. When it comes to roadside.. let us be your solution! Here at First Class we understand what a New York Lifestyle means and thats what makes us different. Our team provides Fast & reliable service when you need it. Give us a call and witness what First Class Roadside Service actually is!

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Manhattan, NYC

Manhattan, NYC